Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Easily Manage Your Real Estate Transactions with Sky Slope

Are you tired of storing stacks of real estate transaction documents? Have you been worried about the security of your real estate document management? You need not worry anymore, because a very efficient real estate transaction management application is here. You will be able to archive every transaction document with this real estate document management software as it is very advanced software which allows the user to store documents in a very secure manner. This transaction management software is very useful for brokers as well as the people who are involved in real estate transactions.

You can store all your documents through Sky Slope against every transaction online. Online filing of documents allows access from anywhere at any time. It has been designed for non-technical users, with emphasis on agents and brokers. You can fax your documents to Sky Slope. If you email the documents to someone, it is easy for you to copy the mail to transaction and it reads and adds the document in the transaction file. It is hosted on a secure server that is backed up on a daily basis. This real estate software for brokers allows the agents only to have access to transactions and listings created by them, while you have access to all the transactions of various agents.

Sky Slope helps reduce costs by saving documents online and also allows you to access your files whenever used wherever you want. It also facilitates in maintaining a green office by leveraging the power of internet and technology and reducing company paperwork. So, just log into Sky Slope and all your real estate transaction documents will be taken care of by this real estate document management software.


Jhon said...

Great to know about Sky Slope that helps to reduce costs. Just like real estate software help to save time and money both.

informationhub said...

I really appreciate your posting it's really informative for me hope you always update more often and share to us what you know. Thanks
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